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Project X

Yachts >> 55m

Motoryacht ‘X’ proved to be a most exciting project. The key challenge externally was to end up with a well-balanced, elegant, gimmick free and consistent profile whilst still achieving the full internal accommodation required by the owners.

We were determined to create a symbiotic relationship between exterior and interior, such that key internal features expressed themselves on the exterior and vice-versa. We thought it would be very special if we could bring the sea and sky into the central multi-storey atrium and the beach club, bathing the interior with light in the process. To that effect, we created a very handsome skylight over the central staircase and lift, developed the very transparent ‘X’ features flanking the atrium at all levels, introduced similar ‘X’ features around the swimming pool walls and even a distinctive ‘X’ at the stern. The intention was to create maximum integration between decks through the very open, transparent and exciting atrium and, within the beach club, ensuring that guests felt part of the surrounding seascape, enjoying sea and sky reflections.


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