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144m MY ‘GHOST’

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On the 144m “Ghost” illustrated, our team has explored an exciting concept, namely the possibilities available when following a deconstructivist approach. The essential elements of the yacht, structure and envelope or skin, are handled quite separately for optimum efficiency as part of a minimalist approach and to achieve the free-form surfaces which suit the function and style whilst retaining the structure in its purest sense, creating a fully visible articulation of the space frame structure – another creation from a team that enjoys lateral thinking and an “out of the box” approach to design. The Ghost concept is one of total flexibility, where a tremendously rigid space frame system takes care of the torsional rigidity, and allows large span openings, such as particularly handsome shell doors to accommodate the likes of a 50 foot sportfish tender, which on most yachts could only be a run-alongside tender or deck tender. Conversely, the skin of the yacht is designed for maximum efficiency underwater, and thanks to the developed transparency, allows the creation of open spaces with excellent outward views, yet full shelter from the elements. A further “first” in yachting is the honest expression of the complex systems as an integral part of the design. Such visibility will not only add to the interest and the feeling of being part of a complex machine, but of course, will aid maintenance and control.

Ghost also boasts a number of unique features, such as underwater viewing, sliding helipad platforms, opening skylights, a telescopic signal mast forward, a glass sided pool within a handsome gymnasium, a massive atrium around one of the main structures, with balconies and flying bridges linking the various spaces. Green credentials are particularly strong, with the adoption of a new light sensitive film imbedded on the skin of the yacht, fully taken care of all the hotel loads.

The design has not only been developed to achieve efficient hydrodynamic characteristics, but also aerodynamic – that should not only boost efficiency, but also provide a quieter environment underway.


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